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   Translation Shenzhen

In one of China’s fastest growing cities, and one of the country’s key financial hubs, fast, reliable and high-quality localization services top the list of companies operating in Shenzhen. Serving clients in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Star Translation Shenzhen seeks to provide its client with dynamic translation services to meet the changing needs of companies working in this vibrant metropolitan region.

At Star Translation Shenzhen, we take great pride in guaranteeing your satisfaction, and our entire operation reflects our commitment to this goal. For instance, you may feel most comfortable by first beginning with a test translation, which we are more than happy to provide free of charge.

We at Star Translation Shenzhen take great pride in the quality in the work we produce. While our large network of translation talent allows us to respond to the rapidly evolving needs of our clients, we never sacrifice quality for quantity, and do not accept work that we cannot fully handle. In pursuit of this consistently high quality, we follow stringent internal control procedures. Each and every translation is closely proofread by a proofreader with expertise in the subject field and who is a native speaker of the target language. This allows us to produce accurate and fluid translations that read as if originally crafted in the target language.

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