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Star Translation Beijing uses only the best translators and proofreaders in the industry. In addition to the minimum requirement of being a native speaker of the target language, each has been carefully tested to ensure that they measure up to our exacting standards. This testing involves not only their language skills, but their areas of specialization. This allows us to competently and confidentially handle documents dealing with virtually any subject and provide high-quality and cost-effective translations into virtually any language.

At Star Translation Beijing, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our entire operation reflects the seriousness of our commitment to this goal. For example, you may feel more comfortable beginning with a test translation. We are always happy to provide this free of charge.

We have always believed that any job we undertake should be done well. While our large network of translators allows us to handle a large volume of work in a timely fashion, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Although we work with translators with expertise in virtually every field of specialization, we never accept work that we cannot handle competently. We would rather turn down a job than jeopardize our reputation for high-quality work. To ensure this high quality, we stringently follow current international quality control procedures. Every translation is double-checked and re-checked by a mother-tongue proofreader with expertise in the subject field. This enables us to produce flawless translations that read as if they were originally crafted in the target language.

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