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Simultaneous Interpretation Beijing is a leading simultaneous interpretation service provider based in Beijing and Shanghai. We have a large network of simultaneous interpreters in Beijing and Shanghai who are the best in the industry, and our simultaneous interpreters are all UN, EU or AIIC certified. This gives us a clear advantage over other translation agencies in China and gives our clients confidence that our services will more than meet their expectations.

Simultaneous Interpretation Beijing also can provide on-site coordination and simultaneous-interpretation equipment, including soundproof interpreter booths, conference discussion systems, and all related sound and audio components.

At simultaneous Interpretation Beijing, we know that quality can mean the difference between success and failure of your meeting or conference. This is why we use only the best interpreters and equipment in the country. As a result, we have become well known in the simultaneous interpretation market in China and have gained an excellent reputation with our clients. In fact, 90% of our new clients are referred to us by previous satisfied customers. Now with a branch in Beijing, we are positioned to supply our customers with an even higher level of service.

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