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Each year Chengdu plays host to a multitude of international fairs and conferences. If you are attending or holding an event in Chengdu, Simultaneous Interpretation Chengdu can provide a team of rigorously-selected interpreters to help you navigate cultural differences and get the most out of communication with your China partners.

During the 15 years that we have been in business, Simultaneous Interpretation Chengdu has created a team of Chengdu-based interpreters and translators who possess exceptional language skills and a strong background in their chosen industry specialization. All of our interpreters have been certified by the UN, EU and/or AIIC, and they are adept at mediating cultural differences and helping our clients to communicate in a highly nuanced and accurate way.

What's more, if you are hosting a conference in Chengdu, Simultaneous Interpretation Chengdu can also provide all necessary technical equipment required for simultaneous interpretation to make sure the event proceeds without a hitch.

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