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The rapid growth of the exhibition and convention industry in Suzhou has increased the demand for simultaneous interpreters in the city. For this reason, we established Simultaneous Interpretation Suzhou, a division of Star Translation Suzhou, which aims to provide the best quality interpretation services in Suzhou.

At Simultaneous Interpretation Suzhou, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality interpreters for any time at any location. Suzhou’s ideal location allows us almost instant access to our network of interpreters in Shanghai, providing you with immediate confirmations and quotes for your translation and interpretation needs.

When it comes to interpreter services, quality matters. As one of the earliest translation companies that provide simultaneous interpretation services in China, with all our simultaneous interpreters certified by the UN, EU and/or AIIC, we have an advantage over other translation agencies here in Suzhou in terms of ability and experience.

With a network of top suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment in China, we can also provide on-site technicians and rent simultaneous interpretation equipment, including soundproof interpreter booths, conference panel discussion systems, as well as all required sound and audio components.

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